The Four Degrees of Fitness

1 ° Training

Exercise and movement are crucial to the weight loss equation. Your training program is individually designed for your goals, abilities and lifestyle.

2 ° Nutrition

A great transformation starts with solid nutrition. Help yourself lose weight, stay energised and recover properly by matching your unique needs to your nutrition plan.

3 ° Mindfulness

Better understanding of your own psychology is a key component of success. Renouf will help you unlock your patterns, beliefs and habits which are holding you back.

4 ° Community

Join like-minded people all looking to enrich their lives.
Moving forward together.

It starts with 4 easy steps:

Step 1

Discuss your goals and expectations with us, including a free in-studio consultation.

Step 2

Love us? Meet your Renouf ProCoach; with 10+ years fitness experience.

Step 3

Your ProCoach will design your program based on your goals, your current fitness levels and abilities.

Step 4

We will assign a Renouf Personal Trainer, who we believe is the best fit and they will implement your program.

Our holistic approach to health means your program will be completely unique.

What will my first three months look like?

Once we’ve worked out if we’re right for each other, the journey begins…

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