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  • Personal Training and Group Fitness Classes in South Perth

    Check out our new website for Renouf Personal Training!
    We proudly serve the South Perth and Cottlesole areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Personal Training, Group Fitness, Gym Memberships and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click below to visit us on our social media pages!! Facebook Google+ Instagram ....

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  • Did you meet any New Year's Eve Liars?

    Did you notice how many honest, decent people turn into liars at New Year? We are only one week into 2018 and I personally know several people who haven’t followed through on their resolutions, most breaking them shortly after New Years Day. It’s an amazing thing to watch as people from all walks of life, all ages and sexes, go through the whole New Year – New Me resolution ritual and tell themselves lies about what the next 12 months will bring them. You know what I mean? You might have even done it yourself right? The bells are about to ring in the New Year and you turn to a loved one and say “This year is going to be different. I’m really going to ....

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  • Here are 10 ways to torch 100 calories

    Some days you simply do not have time for your usual workout. Perhaps you are travelling or you have meetings from dawn ‘til dusk. Or maybe something totally unexpected comes up and your workout time disappears. When life steals your exercise time, however, you do not have to forgo your workout. If you have just a few minutes, you can burn off 100 calories, get your heart pumping fast and redeem at least a little of your workout. Here are 10 ways to torch 100 calories

    Use them on busy days or even to supercharge your normal workout days. Most estimates are for a person weighing approximately 60-70kg. If you weigh more, you can probably shorten the duration, but if you are ....

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  • What's better Cardio or Resistance Training?

    Now that the weather is picking up, you may be tempted to forgo your resistance training and head outdoors for some aerobic exercise in the fresh air. But beware: if you give up your resistance training, you will be giving up more than you bargained for. Why resistance train?

    Resistance training is critical for true fitness. Without it, your muscles will atrophy. If you aren’t building muscle, you are likely losing it. And if you are 20 or older, you are definitely losing muscle, unless you are working hard to build it. From age 20, we begin naturally losing muscle mass every decade. The old cliché holds true for muscle mass: if you don’t use it, you lose it. Have ....

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  • Beat the Binge - !! Top Tips !!

    It’s happened to all of us. You know the feeling – you are away from home running errands, or you are out late because you had to stay at work longer. And you realise that you are hungry. Not just a little hungry though. You haven’t eaten for hours, your head is starting to throb, and you can’t even think straight. Bottom line: you have to eat. Now! As you assess your options, you realise that getting something to eat that is even remotely healthy is going to be nearly impossible. But you have little choice, so you grab a burger or a salad with “grilled chicken.” (Do you have any idea how much that piece of ‘grilled chicken’ has been ....

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  • Commit to be fit

    Fitness starts in your mind. Ask any athlete or fit person what the number one secret is to their success at fitness, and they will tell you it is the commitment to the vision. Commitment. Committed to the outcome when life is going well and when its not. Commitment rises above bad days, hectic schedules and volatile emotions. Commitment hangs in there when you don’t want to do it, when you don’t feel like doing it and when you don’t have time to do it. True commitment doesn’t depend on how you feel. It depends on your integrity and on living for the purpose you have set for yourself. Are you committed to get fit? No Weekend Warriors
    Committing to be fit ....

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  • You have to see it, to achieve it.

    , done right, can be extremely powerful in achieving any goal. As you think about your goals, take into consideration the following… Using your intellectual factor of imagination see yourself already in possession of your goal. Picture yourself with the healthy and fit body you desire, and literally feel what it is like to have it. You cannot achieve anything in your “outer world” until you first see it in your “inner world.” Is Visualisation for Real?
    In one of the most well known studies on Creative Visualisation in sports, Russian scientists compared four groups of Olympic athletes in terms of their training schedules: - Group 1 had ....

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  • Is it time for a fitness spring clean?

    Other than New Year’s, there is probably no other time during the year that motivates us to make a fresh start like spring time does. When the warm breezes start blowing, we want to throw open the windows and let the rebirth all around us revitalise our homes and our spirits. Because it seems natural to clean out the old during this time of year, it’s a great time to come face to face with our excuses for not getting fit and healthy. Excuses pile up just like the clutter that we accumulate in our houses, but it’s time to come clean.
    What is your excuse for not choosing health?
    I don’t have the time to exercise:
    This is likely one of the most common excuses. ....

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  • What are your requirements?

    From weekend warriors to Ironman finishers, performance is directly tied to diet. If you want to train at the peak of your ability and recover quickly, you must be intentional about what you eat, taking care to feed your body what it needs. Trying to work out with a body that is starving for essential nutrients will end only in frustration ; and frustration eats your momentum and resolve with a voracious appetite. Make the most of every minute you work out by fueling your body sensibly. Let’s look at the basics. Nutrition 101: the foundation
    The big three nutrients that you need to be concerned with are carbohydrates, protein and fat. An eating strategy that balances these ....

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