Did you meet any New Year's Eve Liars?

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Did you meet any New Year's Eve Liars?

Did you notice how many honest, decent people turn into liars at New Year?

We are only one week into 2018 and I personally know several people who haven’t followed through on their resolutions, most breaking them shortly after  New Years Day.

It’s an amazing thing to watch as people from all walks of life, all ages and sexes, go through the whole New Year – New Me resolution ritual and tell themselves lies about what the next 12 months will bring them.

You know what I mean?

You might have even done it yourself right?

The bells are about to ring in the New Year and you turn to a loved one and say “This year is going to be different. I’m really going to achieve some great things!” and for that one-minute, that one moment in time, you mean it. You REALLY mean it!

(Truth be known, I was one of them too)

You are fired up, motivated, ready, willing and (despite the glass of champagne in your hand) able to commit to that New Year health kick, start that new business, travel more, be the fittest/best version of yourself and a whole list of awesome sounding things…maybe even stop biting finger nails too!

Then the bells ring in the New Year and a funny thing happens…

January 1st arrives, whilst the goals are still fresh in your head, they don’t seem as important anymore. (Maybe it’s the champagne?)

January 2nd comes and by lunchtime you’re telling yourself that some of your goals are ‘just silly fantasies’ and they are quickly removed from the list.

January 3rd arrives and, despite a much shorter list than you had just 2 days before, you start to tell yourself “I’ve got all year to do this. I don’t have to start right now.”

Let me just ‘settle in’ to the year first and ‘get myself sorted’ and THEN I’ll work on my goals”

Like I said, all lies…

Lie number 1: ‘This year is going to be different’

Really? Truth is for most people, 2018  is going to be EXACTLY the same as 2017 was.


Because their strategy is EXACTLY the same as it was last year and, as the saying goes, if you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

Lie number 2: ‘The goals don’t seem as important anymore’

Yes they are!

They’re equally as important as they were 24 hours ago it’s just that somewhere deep down you’ve started to convince yourself that your goals are somehow unachievable, maybe you’re scared about failing so instead you lie about the importance of them.

Lie number 3: ‘They’re just silly fantasies’

Very similar to Lie 2 but much more harmful.

With this lie you’ve started to justify why your goals are impossible and use all kinds of excuses disguised as ‘reasons’ as to why your goals are unrealistic… the biggest lie of all!

Lie number 4: ‘I’ll just settle in and get sorted before I get started’

What a great lie!

This is an I’m not giving up, I just need to get back into the flow of things at work, school, or just general life, before I attack these goals’ kind of lie that you use to postpone things until the time is right.

But hold up a minute…

Wasn’t work, school, daily life, busyness, or your other favourite excuse the reason why you couldn’t achieve your goals before New Year?

No, lie number four is simply a delay tactic, that ‘one day’ lie that we all tell ourselves in order to get out of taking action when we know we could, when we know we should.

You know, ‘one day when I have more time…’ or ‘one day when I have more money…’ (or whatever else you use to delay your goals).

Regardless of your ‘one day’ excuse, the results are the same… zero!

In short, most people are unsure how to make 2018 any better or different than 2017 was.

And if that’s the case then you definitely need to keep reading because I’m about to provide a solution so simple, yet so highly effective that, if applied as I describe (the important bit) you simply cannot fail.

We have a super simple, really effective 14 Day plan where we break down the 6 super simple steps you need to follow to make sure your 2018 is the best, fittest healthiest of all.

We not only map out a super simple plan for you but we set you up with a trainer where you get 2 PT sessions and also gift you full access to our Group Training Sessions…

The bonus is you get a 14 Day simple, educational and super tasty meal plan, shopping lists, recipes and more to make sure your nutrition is on point.

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