Screw Mondays’ start your program on a Wednesday!

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Screw Mondays’ start your program on a Wednesday!

Everyone on the planet has said or will say “thats it – on Monday I’m starting my new _____________”

Why are we so hell bent on starting on Monday’s?

Whats wrong with a Wednesday?

You know what would be even better? Start right now!

Step 1 – Decide

Get up – clear your throat – and state powerfully “as of this moment I take back control of my health. no longer do I go about my days & weeks with no plan or structure!”

Thatsit – you’re in the game.

Please do not make an excuse of why you can not start right now, because there is no excuse.

Your first action to is to make the choice, the commitment, the decision to yourself that you are taking back control of your decision making.

I want you to consider what I’m saying. ATM i am not saying that you can not drink any more alcohol, I am not saying that you have to stop eating Carbs and I am definitely not saying no more ice cream.

To be crystal clear what I am saying is—- that you are demanding of yourself, to take back the control, the decision making process and to cheap womensdallas cowboy jerseys deny your rationalisation machine to kick in.

You know the rationalisation machine don’t you?

The one that tells you its ok to not do what you said/ planned you were going to do, but you will be twice as good somewhere in the future.

Lets Review what you have accomplished. You have decreed cheap womensdallas cowboy jerseys that you are in control of your own health, fitness and wellness program.

As George said on Seinfeld “I am the Master of my domain”

Your Word to yourself has been re-aligned with integrity, honesty and accountability.

Is that it – should the weight, the fitness levels and the peacefulness come flooding in?

Yes and No.

No doubt in my mind this decision to take control, to make up your rules of what must cheap mlb jersey get done, is the most important acton in any change of direction you take in your life.

Step 1 – decide. Tick

Steps 2 & 3.

Step 2 - Make your rules dead set easy.

If you previously had no rules set up, then this is great, because all we have to do is slide in some basics & KISS it ( Keep It Simple Stupid)

The magic bullet here is to not get stressed out – about how good your rules have to be.

As you will learn – if you have no rules, then go to some simple basic rules that you know are really easy to achieve, you will start to see and feel benefits. It is that easy.

I wrote a blog recently explaining cheap MLB jerseys how you should set up some rules so you are 100% successful. Its a quick read – check it out  Good Enough is Great

Here is a start for our person who has no rules, and decides to change:


When: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday

What: Walking

Duration: 15mins


When: Sunday – Thursday

What: 1 litre of water, a real breakfast each morning, 1 glass of wine, do desserts or second helpings

Duration of Program KISS program:

28 days.

Step 1 – decide. Tick

Step 2 – KISS rules

Step 3 - Don’t get fancy

Don’t worry about what is the best fitness app, or food tracking app. It doesn’t matter at this point. You have had no rules in place for how long now? Now you are going to spend hours, days researching which program and or App would be best for you? Stop BS’ing yourself.

Go do this now – either on your phone or in your journal or on the back of receipt – IT DOES NOT MATTER.

KISS rules:

#1 – My Exercise Rules:




#2 – My Eating Rules:



#3 – Duration of Phase 1 – How many weeks am I doing:

Todays start date:

28 wholesale jerseys China days from now:

#4 – Assess my 28 days:

How was my word to myself:

What did I do well:

#5 – KISS rules – Phase 2

What could I do to improve on the past 28 days – by just a little bit?

Is it dead set easy for me to do?

Rinse and Repeat /Rewrite rules #1 – 3

Step 1 – Decide. Tick

Step 2 – KISS rules. Tick

Step 3 – Don’t get Fancy. Tick

There you go dead set easy. Keep It Simple Stupid.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

I sure wholesale jersey China hope at this point your Rationalisation Machine is telling you why this wont work…..


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