Who's in your corner?

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Who's in your corner?

Are you set up for success or are you set up for failure?

If you are struggling to stick with your health & fitness program – it might pay to have a look at yourself and your inner circle.

Lets start with you.

First things first – do you know exactly what you want to achieve?

Are you willing to do what it takes to make the changes to achieve your goals?

If you are clear on what you want, why you want it, next you have to get it down on something and you must keep it in front of you.

There’s a stat that physically writing something down on paper increases the likelihood of it happening by 3 times.

Imagine that – write down what you want, why you want it and how you are going to do it – and Bang your 3 times more likely to achieve it.

So now you have to ask yourself – what kind of person am I?

Digital or physical? New school or old school…

Are you great with Apps and can easily use them each day?

Or are you a pen and paper person?

Either way has plus and minuses – but you have to do what works for you, do what is easy for you.

Now you are clear and you are organised – next comes organising everybody around you.

So who do you need in your corner?

Lets see who we have to get onboard with us:

⁃ Family, friends and co-workers.
You see there will be more pressure from the persons around you, who are going to struggle with you wanting to change.

Your family is going to find out that you have changed what you can/ want to eat at dinner. Maybe you’re the cook of the family and now you are making dinners that don’t have the same old stuff the rest of the family likes.

What about your friends and now on Tuesday night you are not meeting them for cards, as you have a training session early on Wednesday and you don’t want to have your usual 3-4 drinks.

Lets not forget about your co-workers, now you are talking about your trainer, and how great she is and how your now having green plus drinks every morning at 10.00am , blah, blah, blah.

They want their old mate back. The one they had espresso martini’s with and was the life of the party.

You can see there are quite a few people involved in your new fitness program. So you would be wise to do a few things.

First let them know you are going to be making a few changes regarding your health and wellness.

Next recruit their support. Let them know you are going to need to their help.

Lastly – calm yourself down. Don’t go crazy with your conversations about how great your life is now, because you feel so incredible eating vegetables or you can bend over and touch your toes. Start slow. Make changes slowly so that it becomes accepted more easily. Remember your friends may like you just the way you are – so you changing to quickly can have them trying to sabotage you and your new lifestyle.

Keep your family, friends & co-workers in your corner supporting you.

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