Quest for the Perfect Training Program

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Quest for the Perfect Training Program

Whats the Best Training Program?


Every person is different and each person has some mental baggage/ garbage about how they are supposed to look/ be, and how they think they should train.

You might be interested in weight loss. You might want to get fit. Put on some muscle/ strength?

These might sound like different goals and thus different training programs, but to us the structure is not too different, just subtle changes in the delivery of it.

But I haven’t answered the question.

I think training programs (not talking nutrition, or mindfulness here) should consist of:

- Mobility
- Strength
- Balance
- Metabolic conditioning
- Core
- Recovery

So let’s put the above into a pie chart.

Should they all be equal to one another?

Probably not. And it depends on your decade – 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s & 70’s.

But the number 1, in my humble opinion, is Mobility.

You have to be able to move well.

We have to be able to hinge (bend over) and we have to be able to twist.

You know once we “grow up” – we stop moving. We stop playing sport, we stop running, jumping – basically we stop playing.

We lose what we don’t use. Stop using your joints – ankles, hips, shoulders in activities that use their full range of motion and soon your movement becomes restricted.

Then you become stiffer and stiffer.

Now you avoid playing with the kids or mates, because your afraid. Afraid to hurt yourself. Afraid how sore you will be for the next week

So when you think about the pie chart, I put mobility first.

Don’t get me wrong the others are vitally important.

And you don’t have to be obsessed with mobility – meaning that is 75% of your pie chart, there are lots of ways to incorporate it – into your strength, balance and metabolic conditioning training.

To wrap this up, think of what quality of life you would have, when you can do what you want to do physically.

Think about it – hiking – working around the house – golfing etc.

What about not having a sore back all the time.

What about not being afraid to bend over and pick up something heavy, twist and put it up on a shelf above your head – without holding your breath, hoping something doesn’t pop or snap!

Mobility is King!

Strength is very important, balance is needed as we age, and metabolic conditioning allows us to keep on motoring – so a perfect program has them all. Just in the right order for who and where you are physically ATM.

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