Passionate about fitness and training

Renouf is the creator and the leader in Perth for personal training services.

Established in 1992, with over 25 years experience, Renouf Personal Health & Fitness Studios and owner Rod Shuttleworth have been impacting the lives of clients, fitness professionals and their local communities.

We have seen the health & fitness landscape change over the past 25 years and we are still here, better than ever.

Transforming lives through health and happiness

During the past 25 years we have learned a lot from our client successes and our failures.

As a company we have grown and matured.

So when we asked “what can we do better?” – It was more than losing weight, more than just the physical changes seen on the outside.

We want to coach our clients to look better, move better, feel better and be happier on the inside.

We wanted to deliver the complete program.

We call it the 4 Degrees of Fitness.


Our Values

Renouf is Positive

We have a passionate outlook on life that drives positive energy through the business and ensures that we're always having fun.

Renouf is Community

We've established a collaborative culture, genuinely supporting each other so that we can all achieve our goals. We're in this together.

Renouf is Professional

We uphold the highest standards, conduct and knowledge in the industry to create an unforgettable experience.